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Welcome to the Paanajärvi Wilderness Center

We own a high quality Wilderness center of Paanajärvi located between Pääjärvi- and Zipringa -lake at the root of Päänuorunen-mountain in Vienna Karelia. There are beautiful wilderness sceneries all around the Wilderness center. In this wilderness the nature, the animals and the human live in a natural harmony.  The peace and the pure untouched nature are present here. This wilderness is the paradiese of a backwoodsman. The high fish population of the lakes and the dense animal population offer our customers unforgettable memories during the safaris.

In the Wilderness center the accommondation is organized in modern log apartmets. In our restaurant we serve our customers three course meals. Together with our professional guides and other staff we ensure high quality service for our customers.  This way your Russian safari will be safe and easy.

We take our customers to one of the greatest wilderness areas in Europe. During our safaris you will enjoy fishing, hunting and snowmobiling.

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Jari Virranniemi
Tsipringa 2020
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